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dareh alou thickened tailings management scheme: design liquid limit % 27 plastic limit % 19 for a total storage capacity of 175 mt and an adopted end of filling density of 1.5 t/m3, the required design storage capacity is approximately 120 mm3. rheological properties of the tailings have been tested with various dosages of flocculent. the results for geo-en

dareh alou thickened tailings management scheme: design liquid limit % 27 plastic limit % 19 for a total storage capacity of 175 mt and an adopted end of filling density of 1.5 t/m3, the required design storage capacity is approximately 120 mm3. rheological properties of the tailings have been tested with various dosages of flocculent. the results for geo-engineering properties of zinc mine tailingsthe finer tailings had a liquid limit value of 75% (measured using the fall-cone penetrometer method); a plastic limit value of 60%; and hence a plasticity index value of 15. experimental modification of a copper tailings for improved assessment of tailings materials. specific gravity (gs) was measured according to the astm standard test method for specific gravity of soil solids by water pycnometer (d 854-00). similarly, the consistency limits were determined according to the astm standard test methods for liquid limit, plastic limit, and plasticity index of soils (d 4318-00). geotechnical properties of mine tailingsiron tailings bahuerachi copper tailings coarse tailings fine tailings coarse tailings fine tailings specific gravity, gs 3.23 3.08 2.77 2.76 natural water content, w (%) 4354 43 39 67 liquid limit, wl (%) 28 28 plastic limit, wp (%) 19 13 plasticity index, ip (%) 9 15 d10 (mm) 0.051 0.005 0.065 0.005 d30 (mm) 0.093 0.012 0.090 0.028 d50 d assessment of critical-state shear strength properties of the index properties of the copper tailings are presented in table 1. the liquid limit falls under the category of a silty soil since it is in between 30-40%. the plastic limit, when computed, is characterized as a clayey soil based on the range of 25-50% [5]. the specific gravity is within 2.6 to copper and copper alloys: casting, classification and copper and copper alloys: casting, classification and characteristic microstructures. 15 alloys with zn concentration from 32 % (point b, fig. 5) to 36 % (point c) crystallize according to the peritectic reaction at temperature 902 °c. the effect of void ratio, moisture content and vertical like copper and titanium which are not usually found in conventional soil. copper mine tailing from this study is considered to have low plasticity based on qualitative manner of plasticity index [10]. table 1 soil constants of cmt [4] soil constants specific gravity, gs 2.82 liquid limit, ll soil(%) 32 plasticity index, pi (%) 6 geotechnical and environmental evaluation of limecement the remarks in table 2 were inferred from the requirements of the nigerian general specifications for highways (fmw&h, 1997) of not more than 35% passing sieve no. 200, maximum plasticity (pi) index of 30% and liquid limit (ll) of a maximum of 50% for soils used as a subgrade material in road construction. effect of lime on the index properties of black cotton soil liquid limit of black cotton soil and mine tailings mixture treated with lime is 61.3 % on immediate testing and it was observed that liquid limit increases with increase in curing period to 71.92% for 30 days of curing as shown in fig.1 and table4. thickened tailings: rheological and geotechnical characteristicstailings settled density settling test 24 h (or more) drained and undrained sg is needed atterbergs shrinkage limit further change in density: consolidation

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tenorm: copper mining and production wastes radiation within the united states, mining and production of copper are primarily located in the west, specifically arizona, new mexico, utah, nevada and montana. according to the united states geological survey (usgs), production in these states and michigan account for more than 99% of domestic copper córrego do feijão tailings failure 019 world mine fig. 1 indicates that the mass percentage of grain size less than 0.075 mm is 14.9% for the coarse iron tailings, 78.4% for the fine iron tailings, 14.24% for the coarse copper tailings, and 61.12% for the fine copper tailings. it is worthwhile noting that the grain size distributions of the two coarse tailings are almost the same, and both present an average particle size d50d50 of 0.12 mm. geochemical fractionation of metals and metalloids in the abandoned copper mine tailings in musina (limpopo province, south africa) was investigated for particle size distribution, mineralogy, physicochemical properties using arrays of granulometric, x-ray diffraction, and x-ray fluorescence analyses. stability analysis of a copper tailings dam via laboratory the tailings particle composition is shown in table 4. in general, the whole tailings with about 64% below #200 on average are much finer than those from some other similar copper mines. some of the chemical properties of the copper tailings have been analyzed by xrf, and the test results are listed in table 5. compress ibil ty and hydr ocompre s n settlement of mine tailingsthe volume of tailings produced by mining operations often exceeds the volume of the recovered minerals by several orders of magnitude. for example, the production of 10 g of gold results in more than 5 tons of solid and liquid wastes generated by mining and milling processes (ripley, 1982). desiccation in dewatering and strength development of high liquid limit (ll), and plastic limit (pl) were 22.5% and 20%, respectively (astm d4318, 2000). the shrinkage limit was 18%. the specific gravity was 2.89 (astm d854, 2000). the mineralogy of the tailings included silicates (80%), pyrite (11%), calcite (5%), and ankerite (4%) (bryan et al., 2010). beginners guide to thickenersbeginners guide to thickeners; beginners guide to thickeners. thickening is a process where a slurry or solid-liquid mixture is separated to a dense slurry containing most of the solids and an overflow of essentially clear water (or liquor in leaching processes). geotechnical characteristics of copper mine tailings: a case increasing dam height from 75 m (elevation 2010 m) to 90 m (elevation 2025 m) can enhance the reservoir volume to about 120 × 106 m3. for achieving a sound design and a reliable construction, the geotechnical properties of the deposited copper tailings had to be carefully examined. tailingsconventional tailings slurries are composed of a low percent of solids and relatively high water content (normally ranging from 20% to 60% solids for most hard rock mining) and when deposited into the tailings pond the solids and liquids separate. in paste tailings the percent of solids in the tailings slurry is increased through the use of paste thickeners to produce a product where the minimal separation of water and solids occurs and the material is deposited into a storage area as a geotechnical characteristics of copper mine tailings: a case a tailings dam is a large-scale, man-made structure that is constructed worldwide to keep waste tailings away from ongoing mining activities where tailing are mixtures of crushed rocks [1].

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recovery of values from a porphory copper tailings streamrecovery of values from a porphory copper tailings stream *michael j. mankosa1, jaisen n. kohmuench1, lance christodoulou1 and gerald h. luttrell2 1eriez flotation division 2200 asbury road erie, pennsylvania usa 16506 (*corresponding author: [email protected]) 2department of mining minerals engineering 100 holden hall, ia tech geotechnical properties of mine tailings journal of the chinese criteria suggest that clay soil may be liquefied as a result of cyclic loading if the percent of particles finer than 0.005 mm < 15 %, the liquid limit < 35 %, and the water content > 0.9 × w l. for the fine iron tailings and fine copper tailings, the percent of particles finer than 0.005 mm is about 10.5 and 10.4%, respectively. recovery of rutile titanium dioxidebesides the 0.75 percent tio2 contained in the tailings sample, there was also 0.14 percent copper present. the sulfide concentrates that were floated prior to carbonate removal and rutile concentration analyzed about 1.5 percent copper, representing a copper recovery of about 20 percent. a review of nchanga tailings dam operations and seasonal the study showed that konkola copper mines plc is discharging its effluent from mtsf into the water bodies with levels of ph, tss and cu within zema discharge limits while concentrations of mn, co and so 4 exceeding the limits. the results further revealed that there is seasonal variation in the levels of the parameters analysed. cyanide destruction methods and processesas indicated, copper (cu2+) is required as a soluble catalyst, which is usually added as a solution of copper sulfate (cuso4-5h2o) to provide a copper concentration in the range of about 10% to 20% of the initial wad cyanide concentration. experimental modification of a copper tailings for improved table 1. summary of tailings index properties sample gs liquid limit (%) plastic limit plasticity index (%) uscs classification a 2.73 29 20 9 cl b 2.73 27 20 7 cl based on xrd analyses, table 2 gives the mineralogy of the tailings samples in terms of bulk and clay fractions. quartz and plagioclase mainly occur in the bulk fraction oil sands and other tailings trafficability mining.comtests done on the tailings were trafficability cone tests, ring shear tests, and a modified form of the liquid limit test in which the relationship between the volumetric water content and the (pdf) trace metals associated with deep-sea tailings the tailings, which hijau copper/gold mine is one of the larger examples of dstp in typically comprise approximately 60% solids, are conveyed by the world and deposits tailings at the greatest depth. gravity in a pipeline from the process plant to the outfall discharge the discharged tailings slurry contains elevated concentra- point at the mine tailings fundamentals:mine tailings fundamentals the mount polley tailings breach what took place mount polley tailings storage facility used to store coppergold flotation tailings on august 4, 2014the mount polley mine tailings storage facility (tsf) breached releasing an estimated 15 million cubic meters of tailings and water. copper mining and processing: processing of copper ores the copper compound can now be seen at concentrations of between 60-70%. the second step is solvent extraction, in which two immiscible (un-mixing) liquids are stirred and allowed to separate, causing the cooper to move from one liquid to the other. the pregnant leach solution is mixed vigorously with a solvent.