KalsiPlank Woodgrain is a finished weatherboard coated with specially developed paints applied in factory conditions. The process ensures homogeneous thickness and strong adherence to the fibre cement matrix, maximizing the lifespan of the product
KalsiPlank® comes in two attractive surfaces, Smooth and Woodgrain.


          • Resistant to the attack of termites, insects and most other vermin
          • Moist, mould and water resistant
          • Wide variety of thickness and applications
          • Impact resistant
          • Dimensionally stable
          • Easy to work and install

KalsiPlank represents beauty, strength and flexibility.  The plank is embossed with a wooden texture inspired by nature, designed by artists and produced with care.

Developed for the trouble-free application of paint, resulting in in a natural wood finish whilst the product adheres to the fibre cement matrix, maximising the lifespan of the product.

“KalsiPlank® is a
brilliant solution to
most of the problems
associated with


Standard dimensions

KalsiPlank® Dimensions – Woodgrain Surfaces
Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Quantity Unit of Measure


KalsiPlank 8mm 210 3600 190 Each 8.95
Physical and Mechanical Properties

Physical and mechanical properties

General Technical Properties Value Standard
Dimension conformity
• Thickness
• Length
• Width
• Straightness of edges
• Squareness of edges
Level II
ISO 8336: 2009
Density ≥ 1300 kg/m³ ISO 8336: 2009
Moisture content ≤ 15% ASTM C1185
Water absorption ≤ 33% ASTM C1185
Moisture movement ≤ 0.04% ISO 8336: 2009
Thermal conductivity 0.27 W/mK ISO 8336: 2009
Modulus of rupture (Category A) ≥ 7MPa
(Class 2)
ISO 8336: 2009
Heat-Rain performance Pass ISO 8336: 2009
Warm water performance Pass ISO 8336: 2009
Freeze-thaw performance Pass ISO 8336: 2009
Soak-dry performance Pass ISO 8336: 2009
Reaction to fire
Non-combustibility Non-combustible BS 476 Part 4: 1970
Surface spread of flame Class 1 BS 476 Part 7: 1997
Fire propagation index I = 1.6
i(1) = 1.0
i(2) = 0.3
i(3) = 0.3
BS 476 Part 6: 1989

Internal or External Cladding
Cladding in dry construction builds
Wood replacement cladding

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